What our clients have to say about us!

Moxie Street Media

“Bill Chambers is one of the best design consultants I have ever worked with. His gift is centered around possessing the open-mindedness to capture his client’s design ideal, and then tailor the project based on those specific needs. In short, if you can conceive it, Bill can create it. Now, caution. This guy is expensive as hell LOL! But then so is the Ferrari 599 GTO. The good news is you only have to buy them one time – May as well spend with the best.”

ToneSwep, Chief Executive Artist
Moxie Street Media

Flourish Designs

“Bill has been so wonderful to work with throughout the process of re-launching my website. He was very willing to listen to and implement my ideas. When one of my crazy ideas was not going to be feasible or just plain technically impossible, Bill always had a way of telling me why it wouldn’t work in easy to understand terms. Which is so important to a tech-challenged person like me. I look forward to working with Bill for many years to come (cue evil laugh).”

P.s. Make my logo bigger.

Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas

Fouché Music

I waited quite a while before taking the leap of faith with a web designer. Once Bill and I started exchanging emails, and I started reviewing a few of his site mock-ups, I knew that he was the right person to carry out my ideas and bring my vision to fruition. From concept to completion, Bill was there, offering creative and technical solutions to my endless stream of ideas and suggestions. No question about it! Bill was the right person for the job. I’m thoroughly satisfied with the results obtained. You can be sure that I will be coming back for more. Bill Chambers and his team deliver. That’s all there is to say.


Foundation for Pool and Spa Industry Education

Excellent work and follow up after initial design in enlarging scope of web site. We now have distance learning capibility.

Michael Orr

Sacramento Wine and Nightlife Tours

Bill Chambers Design helped me become a force online. His expertise is not only in website design, he also is a skilled SEO. Before my website was launched I was getting phone calls from potential clients. I still do not understand how my company is number 5 on google. Bill handles every aspect on my site, to include being the site administrator. All work is completed in a fast and professional manner. I highly recommend his service.

Grady O’Bryant
Sacramento Wine and Nightlife Tours